Monday, December 13, 2010

Seven Virtues of Bushido: Introduction

What is Bushido?  In Japan, it was a code of conduct which samurai were expected to live by.   Let's dissect the kanji above.  The first on the left is bu meaning martial or battle.  The middle is shi meaning warrior.  The last, on the right is do meaning way or road.  So literally translated it is "Martial Warrior Way" or "Way of the Warrior."
Although the book Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo written in the early 18th Century, (1700's) claims samurai of the day have seemed to abandoned such ideals, (probably the result of many samurai becoming master-less after a long period of peace),  the code is still something to live by like the samurai of old.

The Code of Bushido consists of seven virtues:
Gi righteousness, rectitude, right conduct;
Yu bravery, courage
Jin benevolence, humanity
Rei respect, courtesy
Makato honesty, sincerity
Meiyo honor
Chu loyalty, devotion

In this series of articles, I will explain each virtue of Bushido in detail and how we can all benefit from living by such a code.  Not only for the martial artist, but for any person.

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