Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Sometimes we say "We're on the same wavelength" when meeting or talking to somebody.  Others sometimes are on a totally different wavelength.
To practice understanding, acceptance and compassion to all involves a harmony of wavelengths on all levels.  How can one do this?  Perhaps with mindfulness, understanding, and unbiased opinion, or abolishing ego.  I know in posts past I have gone on about "ego."  But this is really what drags us down as humans.  We put ourselves first and cling to the idea that "I am" or "I need."  

So what if we could be on the wavelength of anybody?  I personally am trying to do this myself, trying to judge others less, and accept people.  Of course there are people I don't want to be involved in my personal life, and I have made measures to do so.  I don't believe this to be hypocritical, there are just people out there who may have a negative influence on you or people who are holding you back from what you believe is your potential. Though, to understand life and this "whole" we need to understand everybody and everything without exception.  

In short, it's important to have a wavelength or form of understanding to give compassion and acceptance to all beings.  Also it is very important to realize the influence and affect we all have on each other.

In Gassho.  _/\_