About Me

Namu -japanese, (nah-moo): To take refuge, (as in Namu Butsu - taking refuge in the Buddha, etc.)

My name is Daikan. I am a martial artist, Chinese calligrapher, and Buddhist. I created this blog because I believe that the philosophy behind Buddhism and the martial arts (particularly that of Chinese and Japanese origin) has many benefits. It benefits the mind, the body, and the spirit. It teaches us self discipline, problem solving, compassion, perseverance, and many other things which can build a better life for ourselves and others.

I personally practice a mixture of martial arts including: Gung Fu, Kobudo, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, and Nintaijutsu. I also believe that Taoism and Buddhism, especially the Zen/Chan sect of Buddhism, plays a large role in the martial arts mind and spirit.

These articles and posts are bits of wisdom, guidance, and practice handed down from generations, while some are from my own personal experiences. Some are not my own, but I feel that all can benefit from the wisdom of the masters. References and links are also included.

Best of luck on your journeys and may your walk be illumined by the Dharma,