Friday, December 3, 2010

Courage and Self Confidence

One of the many benefits I have acquired from practicing martial arts is that of self confidence.  Along with self confidence comes courage and better self esteem.  It's not knowing that you could possibly win in a fight (because who's to say the opponent isn't a better fighter) that brings this benefit.  The courage and self confidence is more of a side affect of practicing and training.

Bearing this in mind makes me recall a great quote by Jin'uemon Shigezumi, a samurai of the 17th century:
Do not become a cowardly sort of fellow who fakes a smile and is unable to look people directly in the face.  No matter what the cost, become a man of mettle. 
A bushi, even if he has nothing to eat, must sit there and pick his teeth serenely with a toothpick like he has just had a big meal.
Apply yourself assiduously to the martial way. 

(Bushi is the Japanese word for warrior)
(The Japanese character above is "bravery/courage")

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