Friday, December 24, 2010

Adapt and Overcome

Encountering a change in life may seem like a road-block.  Where do we turn next?  What's the next course of action? What if we view these changes as opportunities instead of a road-block?

The following is an excerpt from the Art of War by Sun Tzu:
Circumstances are the purveyors of benefit; by such they create power.
Therefore in battle there are no constant conditions;
with water there is no constant shape.
Among the Five Elements, none are predominant;
among the four seasons, none stay for long;
the days are long and then short;
the moon waxes and then wanes. 

We as humans wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for adaptation.  As such, we can take whatever life throws our way and use it to our advantage.  It's the actions we take in response to circumstances that make a difference.
When one door closes, another opens.

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d'Artagnan said...

"Be like water!" lol. Love it!

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