Monday, January 31, 2011

Mindful Purchasing

The other day I had to go shopping for some comfortable shoes for my new job.  Being one who prefers slip-ons or martial arts footwear, I don't wear real comfortable shoes. Also, since I don't do hair anymore, I don't have to stand eight hours in uncomfortable dress shoes.

I was shopping around for athletic shoes which seem to be the most comfortable shoe.  I looked and looked and couldn't find anything.  They were all to flashy, too many that seemed to suggest "Hey, look at my shoes."  I'm one who doesn't like to stand out, I have a more subtle taste.  The less attention I can attract, the better.

Also, I don't know if animals were killed in the process for the leather, or if they are made in sweatshops, ect.  As a Buddhist, this concerns me. Then I came across a pair of Puma shoes and what I read on the bag was great.

What the Bag says:
Part of the Puma Eco-Table
Organic cotton, Biodegradable Material,
Sustainable Process, Solar Powered,
Recycled Paper, Sustainable Factory,
Chromium Free Tanned Leather, African Cotton
Recycled Rubber, Recycled Polypropylene,
Everlasting Happiness, PVC Free,
Recycled Cotton, Fair Trade Product,
Sustainable Wool, Take Back Program,
Paw Print Management, Natural Fibers,
Recycled Polyester, Recyclable Material,
Renewable Energy, Profit Share, 
Eco Friendly Printing, Sustainable Material,
Multiple Use, World Peace.
After reading what was on the bag, I thought, "How perfect?"  I can support a company that is trying to make a difference with their products.  Unlike many other products in the world with who knows where their materials come from.  I thought to myself, "This could be mindful purchasing."  Realizing that shopping for products which harm the world and it's beings in the least way possible way is excellent.  My wife and I are also using sustainable and non-toxic household products/cleaners/etc.   

The other side of the bag:
Clever Little Bag
 "Well it's smarter than an old fashioned shoebox because it uses 65% less paper. Even Better it doesn't need an extra bag and it can be used over and over.  Clever huh?  Follow the Puma Eco-Table.  Reuse this bag."

If only more products could follow this example.  I try to practice mindful shopping, buying Fair Trade products and ones that harm the environment less.  This is a perfect example.  Even the necessity of buying shoes can be part of the effort.  



d'Artagnan said...

It is important to be a conscious consumer...there are so many goods that are unethically sold and traded, it is important to support those that ARE fair trade and sustainable.

tscrew said...

Very true.

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