Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Child Without a Voice

Every time I step out of our apartment, and I do not exaggerate by saying "every time," I can hear the mother of two daughters screaming at her children.  Mind you, their apartment is approximately 150 feet away from our front step.  Unfortunately, I hear things like "I should beat your mother F***ing ass," or "Get your damn stupid ass out of the way."

It saddens me deeply.  As a Buddhist, and a father, I don't understand how a parent can act in such a manner.  I know that suffering is impermanent, but what about these two daughters and so many others like them?  I feel that if I know something bad is happening, I should do something to ease their suffering.

I'm curious about advice on what to do.  Is it right for me to call DHS (Department of Human Services) and report the abuse?  Do I really know all of the details?  Verbal abuse is very detrimental.  And judging by the verbal abuse that I hear, who knows what's going on physically?

I very much want to ease the daughters' suffering, but of course the mother is the root.  By saying the mother is the root, she must be lacking compassion and mindfulness.

 How can I help them?

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Marguerite Manteau-Rao said...

I would try to befriend the mother. She seems very stressed and in need of your compassion and loving kindness.

Also, thank you for your email, and for adding me to your site.

Much metta,


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