Saturday, January 12, 2013

As Bright as a Light

Every day on my way to and from work, it's a twenty mile drive.  On the route, there are 3 blinking lights.  When you drive, the mind wanders, does it not?   This got me thinking the other day.

As a light shines, no matter the distance you are from it, or if you are not looking at it, it's still the same brightness, or blinking as it takes its course.  People's character are the same.  There is always a base.  Character is always the same.  We can change, as people, or mature, but isn't there always something that has always been there?

Does a light shine any brighter whether you look at it or not?

So I applied this self-thought riddle to life.  Are people the same whether or not you are around them?  Do things keep their course whether or not you are there?

Do clouds hinder the sun's true brightness?  The sun still glows whether or not clouds are in the way. Also if it is night where you are, it still shines on another part of our earth.

Thus it is the same with all things.  Be aware that all things are what they are, and their nature.  This is comparable to the Dharma.  We cannot change what is.  Consider this.

If you can think of other things relative to this, I'd like to read it in the comments.


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