Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pushing Against the Tide

One of the biggest roots of suffering is feeding our ego or self this belief that we can have Reality the way we want it.  Things don't happen in our favor when we believe they should, or we feel the universe is against us.

There was a ninth century Zen teacher from China named Kuei-shan and his student Yang-shan.  The student asked his teacher, "When the ten thousand things come up to you, what should you do?"  Kuei-shan responded, "Green is not yellow; long is not short.  Each thing manages its own; why should I interfere?"

What control do we truly have over Reality?  The answer is none.  Thinking that we can have things our way is like pushing against the tides when the water will just go around you anyway.  But do not think things are predetermined as destiny.  Things may go in favor for a while, but invariably can change in an instant because everything is constantly changing.

Also this isn't telling you to "just sit back and take it."  We can accommodate to the situations that rise up in our lives by approaching them wisely and in a calm manner.  As my teacher always says, "We just need to rise to the moment."  Face whatever comes your way, from a flat tire to losing a loved one.

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