Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diamonds Are Forever

I have recently read the Diamond Sutra and it has taken my mind for a spin.  Not only does it discuss the Six Paramitas, but some other hefty stuff as well.

I'm gonna discuss the more hefty stuff in this post, like the arbitrary-ness of everything.  After reading this sutra, I don't even know if adjectives are relevant.  It expresses that everything is a phenomenon and that base-reality holds no ideals. Opinions and describing words or adjectives, are all arbitrary and based on Ego.

In absolute reality there is no ugly, no pretty, no bright, no dark. Everybody's opinion is different. These are all comparative words relating to the opinion of ego.

The Buddha tells us in The Diamond Sutra that all of these phenomena are merely expressions, and in absolute reality, these expressions are actually non-existent.  We, like all phenomena, are empty, and must realize this to cross to the other shore.

I believe this is the meaning of "being empty."  Disregarding ego and opinions. In doing so, we can truly see absolute reality. If we toss out bias and opinion, accept, and truly "empty our cup." This also gives rise to equanimity and loving everybody for who they are,  (which of course can be difficult sometimes).

It's not that we can't express our opinions, but we shouldn't hold onto them.  If we realize it's only phenomena and holds no substance, then we can see everything at its base, in absolute reality. Diamonds are the hardest and toughest substance, which have the ability to cut through any other substance.  We need to forge our minds in the way of a diamond to cut through illusion and that which is arbitrary, to view the universe and life in its true state; absolute.

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